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A Natural User Interface in Every Car, Every Home, Every Personal Device.

Our vision is a world with human centric user interfaces - where people interact with technology in a natural way and where devices adapt to the user's behavior.

Human Motion Shapes the Future of UI

When two people interact, speech is only part of the content. The rest of the message is delivered via body language, poses and gestures. gestigon’s middleware provides this body language awareness to any device, enabling them to interpret explicit gestures (such as finger pointing), as well as anticipate the user’s needs by understanding implicit human behavior (such as scratching your head). Human centric interfaces enable fundamentally new user experiences which can make communicating with technology intuitive, easy, and fun.

Tomorrow’s Solutions Available Today

gestigon’s human centric software interfaces provide state-of-the-art skeleton tracking. They allow devices and technology to interpret human motions such as the poke of a finger, a swipe of the hand, face turns, upper body movements, or all such motions in parallel. Soft biometrics based on skeletal features can also help identify a particular user and enable personalizations. As smart, connected devices proliferate within the home, car, and enterprise, the variety of user gestures and observable human behavior will create unlimited use cases for interaction.

In conjunction with an optical depth sensor and very little processing power, gestigon’s middleware provides a deep understanding of human behavior. Users experience close-to-no latency performance with a stable, reliable, always-on system.

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