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Driving 2.0

The Future of Automotive Will Be Mind-Blowing

The automotive industry has been driving innovation for decades, with current disruptions in shared mobility, new forms of propulsion, and self-driving vehicles accelerating this pace of progress. User experience has been a key focus throughout. The big OEMs and its base of suppliers introduce new ideas to their customers annually, gestigon helps these companies to create the best possible driving experience by enabling intuitive user interactions and improving safety information systems.

But gestigon’s technologies cannot only provide gesture control solutions. The technology also enables a detailed driver and passenger monitoring: Size? Position? Where are the arms, legs, head – in all 6 dimensions of freedom? What are you looking at? How do you move in the car? Do you hold objects in your hand like a mobile phone, a coffee mug or are you wearing your VR glasses? This is information that ‘your car should know’, to be able to provide new, innovative functionalities and enable tracking of the ‘biometrical readiness’ in a self driving car (ADAS) environment.

Fun, Easy and Intuitive Interaction

Looking into the future, we believe that cars will be more user centric. The car should understand you and allow you to interact with it just the way you communicate with your friends or family. Cars will use gestures to interpret behavior and anticipate needs and context, providing a customized experience on the familiar touch screens, enhanced with buttons, sliders and head up displays. Touchless interfaces will be enhanced by voice control, and the overall experience will include meaningful location based data. In short, your car will become your companion on the journey.