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Add a new dimension

Take Control

gestigon allows you to take control of your consumer electronic devices without touching them.  We work with any device that may be used at home, at work or anywhere in between: Your laptop, your tablet, your smartphone, your smart watch, even a kitchen mixer, and of course, the air conditioner.  In the near future, Augmented (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) glasses, and other wearable and IoT (Internet of Things) devices will be controlled with touchless gestures or simply react to your behavior. No need to get up and go there. No need to search for a remote control. Easy and intuitive. Actually, you don't need to imagine that, because gestigon's technology is ready to be included in all of these devices today!

Adding Natural Gestures

You may think that a PC or laptop is a natural way to interact with a machine. But what if you had to reinvent it today? Would you still use a keyboard, mouse, or even a trackball? These methods are highly abstract, requiring a learning curve. Touch is better, but true natural human interaction always includes gesturing and body language - even toddlers understand these motions! gestigon provides a less abstract method to interact with the machine. Have a try! It’s fun and easy and it feels totally natural.