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Fits anywhere

If You Can Make It Here, You Can Make It Anywhere!

According to Moore's law, the processing power of IT systems doubles every two years. That may be true, but at the same time, computers are getting smaller and embedded in many new objects, where power consumption and cost are key constraints. This trend plays to gestigon's strengths: Our software solutions require a minimum amount of processing power – they can run on practically any embedded processor that is available. And if you don’t believe us: Check out our software running on an ARM Cortex M4 with 180MHz. Impressive. Right?

Smarter and Cleaner

Technology and food don't mix well. But what if you want to refer to your new web recipe while cooking? This requires a touchless interface. Just swipe and point to see steps in the recipe and control the video player as needed. Your expensive tablet stays clean and out of the fray, and you can enjoy assisted cooking! gestigon's software can enable most embedded processors found in today's tablets. Take a chance on new recipes, new ingredients, and new techniques - gestigon will keep your device clean and safe.