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The Recap

gestigon's CEO Moritz interviewed by metaio

In preparation for the Inside AR in San Francisco, where Moritz is a speaker, he was interviewed for Metaio's AUGMENTED Blog talked about gestigon and Augmented Reality as well as skeleton tracking.

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Gestigon at the Axel Springer Gadget Day

The Gadget Day in Berlin was hosted by Axel Springer and offered a hands-on experience of the newest technological gadgets like smartwatches, drones or gesture control powered by gestigon.

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Partnership with Videantis announced

Videantis and gestigon bring gesture recognition and skeleton tracking to the automotive market

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Automotive Concept video

Everyone is talking about gesture control, especially in automotive, but what can you really do with gesture control in a car? Let us show you.

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Flamenco for Android

The excellent gesture control solution Flamenco is now also working on Android. Control your tablet with a gesture!

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