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The Recap

CES 2017 Driver Monitoring Demo

For gestigon, CES remains the best and worst time of year - a period of intense work but also a chance to showcase our best efforts. CES2017 was no different: gestigon attended with a team of six to rock the show and during 49 meetings, demos, and dinner gatherings in four days we had the opportunity to build up and strengthen the relationships with our customers.

Our demos were very well received by our customers this year, but without a doubt our autonomous driving demo stood out especially. With a playseat construction including a steering wheel and a large monitor the demo was a favorite among visitors.

Merged in this setting are an autonomous driving experience paired with a full body driver monitoring and a full set of standard automotive gestures. The system tracks the driver and recognizes if the hands are on the steering wheel to allow the driver to take over the control of the car or to switch on the self driving mode.

People could basically feel what the future of automotive will be like. Here you can see for yourself.

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