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The Recap

Next generation automotive technology at the CES 2017

In January, gestigon was part of another impressive concept car presented at the CES 2017 - the HoloActive Touch by BMW Group, a mixture of hologram, haptical feedback and gesture control. The recognition and tracking of the driver's interaction with the car’s infotainment system using nothing else than the finger in the middle of the air was integrated by the gestigon team and we are very proud of the great feedback.

The positive reception was also achieved by the high accuracy and precision of gestigon’s finger tracking algorithms. A lot of visitors and customers tested this concept and were overwhelmed by the intuitive way of usage. The low latency of the recognition of the user’s actions showed the great possibilities of real-time capable processing systems in an impressive manner.

This concept shows the possibility of next generation user experience with multimodal interaction within the automotive area and the next step towards a natural user interface in every car.

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