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Software that Understands You

Software is the core element to any human machine interface – providing the bridge between evolving sensor technologies, hardware platforms, and operating systems. gestigon focusses on this software.

Our software solutions provide machines with a new level of understanding, such as recognizing a user and anticipating their needs before they have been expressed.

Faster Than the Eye Can Blink

In software development we speak of latency rather than speed, and a low latency is the key to a great user experience.  With a latency of 4 milliseconds at most, our software is among the fastest in the whole market. Just for the comparison: a blink of the eye takes 150 milliseconds, that is more than 37 times slower. And remember, we don't care which part of your body shall be tracked: from a fingertip to full body. Anything is possible.

A No-Brainer

All software requires some processing power to run on – the processor is the brain of any computer system. But gestigon's software was designed to run on any available processing resource let it be as small as you can imagine. Standard CPU? No problem. GPU? Sure. DSP? Any time. A 3-dollar-embedded-system CPU with the power of a 1980's pocket calculator? Yes, we can. It's a no-brainer!

In a Nutshell

gestigon's software has been designed to offer the lowest possible latency, with a maximum of flexibility, indefinitely possible use cases and all this on the smallest processors that you can think of. We program in C++, which can be compiled to run on any operating system or run even without one.


Fingertips, grabbing, automotive, line of sight, gaming, implicit gestures, augmented reality, CPU, full hand, consumer electronics, mobile phones, upper body, gesture control, Unity, head nodding, GPU, casual control, human behavior, soft biometrics, Open GL, swipes, pointing, IoT, remote control, upper body, waving, explicit gestures, embedded processors, laptops, Adobe Air, pinching, – pick a few. Pick any combination. 

Cost of Ownership

If money doesn't matter to you – you may skip this paragraph. But if you are able to calculate the total cost of ownership of a system, or simply prefer interfaces that don't eat up your available (and costly) processing power, gestigon can possibly help you achieving your goals. Our software solutions are so efficient; you can either choose cheaper processors or you can use more of its power for applications, programs, games, or functionalities you really care about.

Patent protected

Our core algorithms are patent protected. Globally. You may not care - our lawyers do. No more to say!

Middleware Architecture

gestigon’s middleware software is based on a four-layer-plug-in-based architecture. On the basic layer we are able to integrate any sensor that provides a 3D depth video stream – any technology (time-of-flight, structured light or stereo) and any data format. The next layer is our core technology with skeleton tracking algorithms that cover all use cases and relevant human topologies as well as – being independent plug ins – different standardized or customized gesture libraries. Layer three provides the interfaces to your systems handing over the needed data in any format: fingertips or upper body, skeleton nodes or gestures and poses, Unity, Adobe Air or any other interface. And on the fourth layer we are able to support your teams building the best possible User Interfaces and User Experience (UX/UI). With more than 20 projects in this field we have some knowledge how these solutions can be implemented – see this competence as a consultancy offer or a sparrings partner.

All layers consist of some core elements and a number of plugins that can be combined according to your needs.