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Adding Action to the Hero


Can you imagine Batman without Robin? Iron Man without the suit? Brad without Angelina? Something is missing. Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) is not so “real” if you cannot interact in a natural way. In the real world we use our hands, fingers, voice, and body language to express ourselves. And in the AR/VR world? A battery-powered game controller, perhaps? Nope. What about our hands and fingers? They are always available to us, they feel natural (of course) and don’t require batteries. And even kids are able to use them. gestigon is applying its experience in automotive and consumer electronics to perfect AR/VR-interaction design using the best “control units” that you already have!

User Focus

User interaction paradigms for AR/VR worlds are still in the early stages of development. In these worlds, current hand based gesture control solutions don’t quite feel right. They might be too slow, not precise enough, with too many false/positive detections. They may use non-human hand avatars that ruin the realism. And people using the AR/VR glasses and doing the interactions just look weird! gestigon believes that AR/VR gestures need to be intuitive, discrete, reliable, and fun. The hand visualization should feel personal. Our engineers are working right now to provide these hand control solutions. Get in touch. Be astonished!