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The Future of Mobility Is Not About Cars

During the last century mobility was all about cars, about engines and about getting somewhere. This is not what we believe in. In the 21st century it will be all about your personal mobility experience. How does the car adapt to you? How are you treated during the ride? Is the experience safe on a perceptual as well as objective level? Software is the core element to enable any kind of mobility user experience – providing the bridge between you and the outstanding technology for the car.

gestigon focuses on this software. Our software solutions provide machines with a new level of understanding, such as recognizing a user and anticipating their needs before they have been expressed.

Interior Cocoon

Teddy bears are soft and cozy but at the same time big and strong. They provide a feeling of safety that let your kids sleep trustfully, well and deeply. Our concept of the interior cocoon addresses the same requirements but not only on a perceptual level, but with real user centric technologies. The mobility experience shall provide a safe haven with safety and comfort functions that are always available, provide the highest level of safety without limiting your personal freedom and intuitive controls adapting to your needs. Imagine your car to be a huge teddy bear – wouldn’t you feel protected?

User Experience

Do you remember your first car that you bought from your own money? Gently touching the leather of the steering wheel? Giving it a name? The first time you turned on the stereo and made sure that your favorite cassette or CD was going to play? The joy of sitting on the hood of your car during your first ‘join vacation’ watching the sunset above the sea? This is user experience! We will not be able to recreate these magic moments, but the solutions of gestigon will create new excitements and memories when your car provides personal adaptations, customized functions, intuitive controls and – above all – true safety. Maybe not as good as the sunset of Venice Beach, but at least a superior experience during your morning commute.

Gesture Recognition

We are often asked: Why do we need gesture control? To be honest this is a tough question. From a technical point of view this is correct, you can control everything with the available technologies: Switches, touch screens and maybe voice. But isn’t the wonder of life the multitude of senses and expressions? Have you ever tried to keep your hand still during an emotional conversation? Or asked someone to talk quietly with one finger at your lips if your partner fell asleep on the couch next to you? Gestures are part of being human. And gestigon enables gesture control in the car – enabling a casual, discrete and safe way (keeping your eyes on the street) of interaction with technology.

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