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Global Market Leadership

gestigon was founded in 2011. Despite of being a rather young company in the automotive market, we target to be global market leader in all solutions that we bring into serial production.

During the last years the company practically doubled in size every year – regardless which measure you apply: people, customer base, experience or square meters. We also greatly expanded our lines of code, financials and revenues. We managed to hire rock-star-developers building the #BestTeamEver. The majority of the experience and lines of code as well as the solutions and products are home-grown. As well as our enthusiasm!

Since early 2017 we are part of the Valeo group, a leading tier one with more than 90,000 employees all over the globe. Sharing visions, focusing on people and customers, reusing experience, optimizing market focus are the core elements of our joint success.

Let's Grow!

Early Years

All started small. But we had a big vision and step by step pursued our dreams. With the first team members (all of them still being in the company!) we achieved some market visibility and won the first customer contracts.


Things got serious very, very fast. It’s easy to build an internal prototype. But if you demo at the CES, IAA or sell it to global fortune 50 customers it needs to be rock solid and state of the art. This required and attracted the #BestTeamEver.

2017 Take Off

Now being part of the Valeo group, our pace of growth has even increased. There is hardly any week without global customers in our office or team members flying around the world for workshops and projects. Engineering excellence pays off!


Our team offers ten different nationalities, speaks 15 different languages (excepting programming languages), is married or not, would fill up an average roller coaster with kids and can devour cake at lightning-speed. Diversity, openness, communication, commitment, reliability and customer focus are core elements of our corporate culture. It takes a lot of love to build something great. And our team has all it takes to fall in love. Over and over again.

Together with our partner, the Valeo group, we are here to stay, to grow, to excell!

We have found the best developers that speak Klingon and think entirely in ones and zeros. Our UX/UI designers reward themselves with tattoos of the best pieces of design. The quality managers have set up an automatic documentation system to track who filled the dish washer properly. The nick-name of our CFO is “Mr. Excel”. Our CTO and founder of gestigon, Sascha, does not find solutions, he is the solution. And Elliot will love anybody who tickles his tummy...All are, without a doubt, Super-Rock-Star-Action-Heroes. And of course the #BestTeamEver.

Our Supporters and Investors

If it were not for the big number of supporters, gestigon would not exist. We have had a lot of partners from day one (and even before that). Naturally, we are thankful for all those who have been with us during the last years. Especially all partners who have offered and provided advice, money, network connections, know-how, public grants, publicity, and their time to help us pursuing our dream of building one of the best technologies for human behavior tracking.

MBG Schleswig-Holstein

The MBG (Mittelständische Beteiligungsgesellschaft Schleswig-Holstein mbH) was founded in 1994 on the initiative of the government of the federal state of Schleswig-Holstein as a statewide venture capital institution. The MBG aims to strengthen the equity base of small and medium-sized enterprises located in Schleswig-Holstein. The MBG provides financing by way of silent partnerships and on occasion participates in form of equity investments as well. 21 employees are currently taking care of more than 500 enterprises representing an investment portfolio of more than €100 million.  

MBG supported us with pre-seed, seed- and series A.1 financing.

Lübeck Business Angels

gestigon was lucky to have had two professors from the University of Lübeck who supported the team of founders in planning, financing (pre-seed and A.1), setting up and developing gestigon. Additionally, gestigon won three well known local Business Angels that provided significant funding in the first closing of the series A financing in 2014.


Government funded project for developing new technology for the automotive industry.

High-Tech Gründerfonds

High-Tech Gründerfonds (HTGF) is Germany’s most active and largest seed stage investor. They finance technology-driven companies – whether they are active in the fields of cleantech or robotics, whether they are developing new drugs, chemical processes or new software: Startups profit from HTGF's experience and the extensive network of its team and its technological and entrepreneurial expertise.

HTGF was the lead investor in the seed financing of gestigon in 2012 and the series A.1 round in 2014.


Government Funding to finance university-based business-startups in 2 stages. gestigon received grants for both stage I and II.

WTSH/Innovation Assistant

Grant financed by the European Fund for Regional Development (EFRE), which supports business startups when hiring new academics.

nbr technology ventures GmbH

nbr technology ventures GmbH consists of several notable investors, among others are Fabian v. Kuenheim (Kuenheim Familiaris GmbH), the Kuwaiti entrepreneur Ali M. T. Alghanim and also multiple other high-profile Business Angels.

nbr technology was lead investor in our series A.2 financing in 2015.


Regional funding by the government of Schleswig-Holstein for the development project "gestigon Goes Outdoor".

BAFA/Embedded World

Grant for participation fees of the Embedded World Show.

Vorwerk Direct Selling Ventures

Vorwerk Direct Selling Ventures GmbH, or Vorwerk Ventures for short, is an independent investment entity within the Vorwerk Group. Vorwerk Ventures combines the dynamic growth of young, innovative companies with the strong financial position and the solid direct-selling expertise of the Vorwerk Group. The knowledge of and experience in direct selling coupled with the sound background of one of the most successful direct selling companies in the world are what set Vorwerk Ventures apart from purely financial investors and represent unique added value for entrepreneurs seeking an investment partner.

Vorwerk participated in the series A.2 financing in 2015.


Grant to cover Mezzanine Interests.

Escel 2016 SILENSE


Thank You!

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