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Enabling Touchless Control and Safety

A Natural User Interface in Every Car, Every Home, Every Personal Device.

Our vision is a world with human centric interfaces – where people interact with technology in a natural way and innovative solutions enhance personal comfort and safety. As gestigon is part of the Valeo group, we are committed to a mobility experience providing safety, comfort and excitement. Every day. Everywhere.

Interior Cocoon

The core of mobility is arriving at the desired location - we want to travel fast and comfortably. But mobility is nothing without safety. The Interior Cocoon concept is our answer to the increasing demand for objective and subjective safety for mobile vehicles. Airbags adapting to your seat position and your biometrics, stereos optimized to your requested experience, or casual controls to avoid distraction. For all that enjoy the ride.

User Experience

It is one thing to live in a world of standardized, automated and digital features being all over the place. But on the other hand our requirements regarding the personal experience of things, features, devices and our lifestyle gets increasingly important. Touchless interaction and user centric adaptation can provide a user experience beyond your expectations. Give it a try. You will be astonished.

Gesture Recognition

We like to touch and feel things. We have done so since we controlled the flow of water from the ancient aquaeducts. But switches, sliders and buttons are not always the best, most hygienic or easiest way to control your world. Touchless gesture recognition can provide the most natural way to interact with your environment if things need to be done fast, casual or discrete. And gestigon’s solutions are fully customized for your needs.