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Adding Action to the Hero


Can you imagine Batman without Robin? Iron Man without the suit? The Minions without Gru? Something is missing. Any kind of virtual content – independent of the technology, augemented-, virtual- or mixed reality, with a headset, a head-up display, holograms, autostereoscopic 3D- or standard screens – is not so “real” if you cannot interact in a natural way. In the real world we use our hands, fingers, voice, and body language to express ourselves. And in the digital world? Our hands and fingers are always available to us they feel natural (of course) and don’t require batteries. And even kids are able to use them. gestigon is applying its experience in automotive to optimize mixed reality interaction design using the best “control units” that you already have!

Augmenting Your Ride

Just imagine, you are sitting in an autonomously driving car on your way home from work. Wouldn’t it be great if you could start talking, interacting, playing with your kids already while you are on the highway? Maybe you could enjoy a chat with your partner about the day. Or help your kids with their homework. We believe that cars will augment the places we would prefer to be: at home, on the beach, in a cinema or already at work. This will require a lot of digital content, different visualisations and a natural interaction. That’s gestigon’s sweet spot of technology!

It's about User Experience

Do you remember how long it took to setup your first computer? Nobody wants to go through such a lengthy, complicated and joyless process anymore. Today technology choices are widely based on user experience. Is it natural? Is it easy? Do I like the experience? Can a kid or can my old aunt use it right at the first time? And future mobility concepts will win or die with the offered user experience. gestigon’s solution can provide easy, fast, intuitive and innovative user experiences. ‘Cause that is who we are and what we do!

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