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The Recap

gestigon will be at 21st International Annual Congress of Automotive Industry in Zwickau, Germany

The 21. Internationaler Jahreskongress der Automobilindustrie on October 24-25 in Zwickau, Germany sheds light on competitiveness and sustainability in automotive industry.

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Our CEO Moritz is giving speech at AWE Europe 2017 on 19-20 October in Munich, Germany

The world's largest AR and VR conference, the Augmented World Expo, takes place in Europe the second time in a row.

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Our CEO Moritz at #digital/mobility 2017 on 10 October in Berlin, Germany

The #digital/mobility 2017 gathers experts of digital mobility to discuss startup strategies for investment, acquisition and cooperation.

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gestigon at QT World Summit on 10-12 October in Berlin, Germany

The Qt World Summit offers insight and inspiration to leading technology innovators, industry experts, startups, and the community.

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gestigon at digital excellence conference 2017 on 28 September in Dortmund

The digital excellence conference gathers experts to discuss the challenges of digital transformation.

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