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The Recap

gestigon at VR AR Symposium on 7 March 2017 in Heidelberg

On March 7th, gestigon is going to have a booth at the VR AR Symposium 2017 in Heidelberg. The VR AR Symposium is the meeting place for decision-makers and experts from the fields of planning, development, design and process design in industry. And we are proud to show our

  • VR demo with gesture control on the HTC Vive to interact with virtual objects in an intuitive way and
  • our cardboard with gesture control to show a mobile solution of virtual interaction.

Furthermore, Moritz v. Grotthuss (CEO) and Anna-Charlotte Fleischmann (Head of Sales) are going to speak about gestures in VR and AR and how to interact with virtual objects in the future. Here you can take a look at the agenda and here you can join the event. We look forward to meeting you there!

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