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The Recap

gestigon collaborates with experts and DIN to develop a DIN spec for gesture control

At gestigon we try to involve our team members in all kinds of different and challenging activities. We could just recently congratulate two of our team members on their successfully finished doctor’s degree.

We always support our employees engaging in activities, especially where they can improve their skills and abilities. Our Head of UX/UI Konrad Köppe was part of a board that developed a new DIN spec for contactless gesture control for human-system interaction.

The goal was to achieve a standardization when working with gesture controlled systems. This simplifies the developing work as there is a basic understanding for gestures and what specifically a gesture entails.

We are very proud to be part of such an industry changing process. The name of the DIN spec is 91333 and can be bought through the DIN website.

DIN spec 91333

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