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The Recap

gestigon on Roadshow in Italy

Two weeks ago, Valeo Lübeck was on the road in Italy with our C-Stream, our gesture control and our steering wheel demo to drive to our customers and show our technology to them. It´s been a long, long week, but we enjoyed every second!

We met people in the middle of their "garage" showing our demos, discussing the future and having a lot of "caffè". We were able to bring together our thoughts with their roadmap and found out, that we all are pretty much aligned when it comes to autonomous driving and our "interior cocoon". It was great to have the possibility to meet so many people and show our demos to them on those day!

But this was only possible due to the big support from the whole gestigon team in Lübeck and Italy - thank you! And thank you also to the whole Italian team from Valeo, who supported us during the trip so much!

We think that we all can tell now, how hardware and software grow together and become one system for the future of the car. We proved that we are going to build the right system for next generation driving, that we are a forward-looking company with the right know-how and the right resources, and that we all support each other in aiming the goal to become the biggest supplier for autonomous driving!


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