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gestigon & pmd bring gesture recognition to Samsung Gear VR

Lübeck/Siegen – gestigon and pmdtechnologies announce a collaboration that combines Samsung’s GearVR, pmd’s CamBoard pico flexx depth sensor and gestigon’s Carnival AR/VR Interaction Suite to showcase how existing VR devices can be augmented with touchless interaction.  

"pmd is proud to contribute our advanced depth sensing technology to gestigon’s effort,“ states Bernd Buxbaum, CEO of pmdtechnologies. “We are excited to bring a new VR user experience to Samsung’s GearVR headset,” confirms Moritz von Grotthuss, CEO of gestigon.

Current ways to interact with Gear VR applications are extremely limited, involving turns and nods of the head to indicate menu choices. gestigon’s Carnival SDK enables a more natural interaction by visualizing the user’s hands within the application and using gesture recognition to choose from multiple choice menus or interact with virtual objects. The Carnival SDK requires depth information generated by pmd’s pico flexx sensor, which is mounted in the front of the GearVR headset and connected to the smartphone’s USB port.

The pmd CamBoard pico flexx’s reduced form factor and low power consumption demonstrate that it is now feasible to integrate depth sensors into mobile devices. In addition to high-frame rate depth measuring for close-range touchless interaction, the sensors also enable long-range environmental scanning & awareness. pmd is currently working with OEMs to integrate its depth sensors into a number of next-generation consumer devices ranging from smartphones to tablets, headsets, and IoT-ready appliances.

The Samsung Gear VR headset augmented with gestigon and pmdtechnologies will be demonstrated for the first time at CES 2016 in Las Vegas, by invitation only.

For an appointment to experience touchless interaction at CES, please contact gestigon. To learn more about pmd’ technology at CES 2016, please contact in order to schedule a meeting..

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