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gestigon reveals augmented driving experience at CES 2018

The CES tickles, the CES pushes, the CES rumbles and we were prepared! gestigon - Valeo Lübeck attended the CES the 6th time in a row - it is our tradition settled. And we love to inspire and amaze with our solutions, world unique throughout the automotive industry in their way of implementation.

2017 had been a year with a lot of changes for gestigon. We are now happy being a Valeo brand to be able to bring our solutions with more power into the market than we could ever imagine. This motivated us to push forward our visions.

At the CES 2018, we were proud to show that we realized, what we announced 3 years ago about how we imagined the automotive driving experience to evolve. In 2018 gestigon - Valeo Lübeck shows its visions applicable and ready to get implemented into your vehicles.

It is our effort to develop an augmented driving experience in autonomous cars, comprehensive and intuitive. For this, we realized several demos to enhance the user experience of the future. Now, you can interact with the world around you and control the infotainment system with touchless gesture recognition while your car is in autonomous driving mode:

An interactive widescreen allows you to show information about interesting places around you by just pointing at them or to choose details from the entertainment system. Hazards are visualized to avoid accidents. The HUD adapts to you. Configure your vehicle settings or drivers state in mixed reality with 3D visualization. Receive haptic feedback with every in-air gesture you make.

Feel safe and comfortable while driving in autonomous mode - the interior monitoring enables the car to respond to the passengers and to translate to the outside environment. By thermal fusion passengers can easily be distinguished from other objects and hot or cold spots may be identified to adjust comfort features such as air condition.

We were excited to show these features to our customers, partners, and friends and were receiving great feedback! A lot of visitors were impressed by the presentation and the visualizations. Thank you therefore to the #bestteamever at Valeo Lübeck, who made this possible! And thank you to all of you, for meeting us, for the inspiring exchange of ideas, visions, and insights and for the common experience of how the future of automotive is changing.

The CES is the best and worst week of the year and great fun! Take a look at our summary video of “gestigon goes CES 2018”. We have the best customers, the best demos and the best time!


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