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gestigon says farewell to Raimund Mildner, managing director of TZL

On Friday, March 2nd, we had to say farewell to Raimund Mildner, managing director of TZL in Lübeck, supporter of start-ups, pointsman for scientific projects and friend.

As gestigon started as a spin-off science project of the University of Lübeck in 2011, we found space in the first building of TZL next to the university, the (as we love long German words) “Multifunktionszentrum”, short MFC I. The TZL, “Technikzentrum Lübeck”, was founded in 1986 to support innovation, knowledge transfer and business creation, by providing office, laboratory and manufacturing space with additional infrastructure and service.

Since then Raimund Mildner pushed forward the expansion of the TZL to enable foundation, research and development projects as well as technology transfer in cooperation of economy and universities.

And since 2011, when gestigon started as a start-up, we found helpful support, when growing in company size and technical requirements. We already moved two times within the continuously constructed MFC’s. And soon are facing the third relocation to MFC X. See beneath our timelapse video of the construction site with a snowy gestigon greeting at the end.

Now we have to say goodbye to Raimund Mildner, who knows gestigon, since our first employee Dirk, our first dog Elliot, the first 26.853 line of code and our first successes made.

All the best!

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