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gestigon/Valeo Lübeck attending Autonomous Vehicle Technology World Expo 2018

Valeo Lübeck is very happy to be again a part of the Autonomous World Expo in 2018!

Last year, we were able to launch our Interior Monitoring System (IMS) in a real car demo but this year, we are even more excited about the actual status of our technology! We can feel and see, how autonomous driving gets more and more realistic and how our technology will be a part of it!

We trained about 60 different child seats, 1.000 of human poses and 1.000.000 of different gestures!

So come and visit us from June 5-7 at the Autonomous World Expo in Stuttgart AV7000, AV6000, have a seat in our car and see, where the technology will bring us within the next decade. You will be able to see how we can detect occupied seats and also distinguish if it is a person, a box or a child seat. We can also tell you the height and the volume of a person - and even know if it is alive!

Our vision is a world with human centric interfaces – where people interact with technology in a natural way and innovative solutions enhance personal comfort and safety. As gestigon is part of the Valeo group, we are committed to a mobility experience providing safety, comfort, and excitement. Every day. Everywhere.

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See you soon!

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