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gestigon/Valeo Lübeck pushing its “Interior Cocoon” into full training mode to achieve best safety performances

Safety for autonomous driving vehicles is an extensively discussed topic, concerning movement in public traffic, reaction to other road users and accident prevention. Especially when it comes to a deathly accident caused by an autonomous car. But besides emotional debates heating up, there should be an objective view on the technical developments that autonomous cars can provide.

The Euro NCAP launched a Road Map 2025 where it highlights automated driving technologies as great safety potential. And addresses not only safety standards concerning the interaction between car drivers and outside road user as pedestrians or cyclists. For the first time, the Road Map points out the importance of tertiary safety including child presence detection.

This is a notable step, as the development of autonomous safety functions should cover all life-threatening cases caused by or in a car, also paying appropriate attention to the smallest transport users, our children.

For this gestigon/Valeo Lübeck is working on an Interior Monitoring System (IMS) that detects every person and object positioned in a car. Testing every case possible to ensure full autonomous safety. That’s a lot of engineering and a lot more of software coding. Especially when it comes to significant differences in various characteristics. Our software not only has to recognize grown-ups in several sizes, dressed in various clothes, acting in several ways. It also has to recognize and provide safety for children, fastened in cars in various child seat positions. To begin with babies in rear seats, up to older children facing the wide range of child seat industry.

The better the ability of precise interior monitoring, the better is the implementation of concrete safety requirements. Thus, the IMS enables crucial key features of child presence detection to avoid heatstroke death, when left alone in hot vehicles, or occupancy detection on child seats in order to control airbag deployment, as the safety of a child seat fades in a life-threatening way when it is adjusted incorrectly.

We are in active projects with several OEMs to ensure safety by an omniscient software. Since evidentially well-trained software eliminates incorrect handling by humans to a minimum.  Hence we stocked up our test equipment with a large set of child seats with the goal to provide a safety compliant application, ready for mass production to our customers in the next 2-3 years.

Safety is essential. And when it is integrated in a smart and proactive way it provides an intuitive feeling of security. But think of safety as one topic in an extensive user experience system. Because this is where the music is. When entering the car, it will already know the answer how to treat you. Adjusting seat position, climate system and safety settings such as airbag system, by reading your body dimensions and temperature. It may not only adapt to your needs, but also to the child ones. With entertainment systems ready for long car trips.

At gestigon/Valeo Lübeck we are working on a fully integrated and automated “Interior Cocoon” to offer a visionary experience of mobility. The car of the future shall be your companion.

If you want to experience our state of the art technology plus gather some information about child seat configuration, come and visit us in Lübeck, Germany!

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