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gestigon will be at Interactive Display Conference in San Jose

The Interactive Display Conference is a meeting place for all innovators and developers working with interactive displays and emerging technologies like flexible displays or interfaces beyond touch screens. User interfaces are changing as fast as never before and especially displays are still an important part of the user experience.

The conference takes place on September 26-27 in The Westin in San Jose, right in the heart of the Silicon Valley where the most innovative companies of the world reside. Lots of topics are on the agenda like force touch or haptic feedback and many executives and engineers from the industry will be there which makes the conference a perfect networking opportunity.

Our CEO Moritz von Grotthuss and our Head of Business Development North America Steffen Bartschat will attend the conference and show some of our newest demos on some of the latest head mounted displays available right now. Furthermore our CEO will give a talk about “gesture sensing control for automotive” at 12:15pm on Tuesday.

If you are interested in scheduling a meeting, please send us a message.

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