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The Recap

gestigon's CEO is keynote speaker at MVpreneurDay

The MVpreneurDay in Rostock, Germany, brings together students, scientists, entrepreneurs, investors and start-ups for inspirations and networking in entrepreneurship. On 14th July 2017 they all met at the University Rostock for the fifth time and this year’s slogan was claimed "Tech-Innovation".

With this in mind our CEO Moritz v. Grotthuss was invited to speak about his experiences in entrepreneurship with gestigon. Talking about dos and don'ts a startup company should consider, he answered questions about how to finance the own company development with 3F - Friends, Fools, Family as well as state support and essential for not endangering the company’s success to proceed without shareholders as spectators, complex shareholder contracts and expensive consultants. After years of growing the startup and withstanding those financial challenges, gestigon had been acquired by the French tier-one supplier Valeo this year and now forces business by growing the software developing team.

It was an inspirative and network connecting MVpreneurDay and we hope to have given wise support to all ongoing startups and entrepreneurs out there with this thoughts, samples and experiences of ours!

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