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The Recap

Inuitive and gestigon expand cooperation with new VR demo

For the CES 2016 Inuitive and gestigon collaborated to bring gesture recognition to embedded virtual reality platforms. The cooperation between Inuitive, a developer of advanced 3D computer vision and image processors, and gestigon, the global market leader for hand and finger tracking gesture control middleware is developing well and both companies could benefit well from it.

Since the CES in January 2016 joint marketing lead to great leads and also meetings with prospective customers in AR/VR for both parties.

For the first time both companies developed a demo together which was based on gestigon’s Carnival SDK and was used with Inuitive’s M3.2NM sensor which worked great. A team of Inuitive’s engineers showcased the demo at a large convention and people were very enthusiastic.

gestigon is looking forward to further working together with Inuitive.

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