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Our CEO Moritz giving speech at Advanced Automotive Drive Conference

Our CEO Moritz will be speaking at Advanced Automotive Drive Conference taking place on February 13-14 in San Francisco. The AADC addresses the latest technological advancements in intelligent transportation and explores how developers will overcome the various safety and regulatory hurdles on the path to implementation.

Join Moritz’ speech on Wednesday, February 14 at 2:10 pm and get newest insights on Overcoming the Barriers to Engineering Safe Autonomous Vehicles. A forecast:

Interior Cocoon as Prerequisite for a Safe, Autonomous Mobility

Most discussions about autonomous mobility cover the navigation of the car. But how will the passengers be able to use the additional time in the car and how can today’s safety standards be transformed into the new epoch of mobility? Understanding passenger behavior, recognizing objects and creating an Interior Cocoon can be (part of) the solution.

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