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The Recap

Our CTO Sascha elected to be one of Germany’s 40 top founders aged under 40

Ideas worthwhile to be realized are filigree visions disrupted by economic climate and political as well as social supportiveness. And precise visions need to be defined and declined in concrete steps covering financial groundwork, corporate management, team leading and of course the stoic reassurance that this vision converts into a feasible project with measurable and applicable use. Every step is marked by decisions taken which determine the survival path of a start-up.

Now, this was the path our CTO Sascha had chosen to go since 2011 when he founded gestigon as a spin-off science project of the University of Lübeck. With the aim of gesture control in fields of application like consumer electronics, medical products and automotive.

His vision turned out to be a highly advantageous software solution for the automobile industry. And the start-up proved this as it was acquired in 2017 by the French Tier One Valeo.

We are proud to experience that Sascha has been elected by Capital Magazine to one of the 40 top founders aged under 40 in the German economy and we are happy to celebrate this with him! No, he knew nothing about the orange in-house firework. And he actually had no chance to escape, when he opened his eyes.

Today, gestigon/Valeo Lübeck is working on its aim of human centric interfaces, where people interact with technology in a natural way and innovative solutions enhance personal comfort and safety. Now, this vision definitely is hitting the spirit of its time and soon will be applicable in every car.

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