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The Recap

Our CTO Sascha speaking at ConnecteDriver about Interior Safety for Self-driving Cars

The ConnecteDriver & Smart Mobility takes place on February 7th-8th 2018 in Brussels, Belgium for the 6th time in a row. It is known for its intense networking opportunities throughout automotive, mobile and aftermarket electronics, as well as smart mobility industry due to its small scale of appropriately selected attendees, experts and decision makers in their fields of expertise.

Our CTO Sascha joins the conference as an expert speaker on 8th February at 9:10 am - 9:30 am sharing his insights into Interior Safety for Self-driving Cars. Here is a forecast of his speech:

Public expectations on the safety of self-driving cars are at least as high as for today's vehicles; Tesla has proved to drive more miles without accidents compared to normal cars and drivers but still, every accident is discussed highly emotionally. Do people prefer getting killed by other people rather than cars? Nevertheless, today's interior safety standards with airbags and safety belts need to be customized to much more different situations in the car, as the self-driving cars promise that we may do anything while the car takes us for a ride. How can this so-called Interior Cocoon be achieved? Full understanding of the passengers' biometrics, positions, poses, and behavior are one key to such safety – and advanced machine learning approaches using data from a variety of sensors such as 3D sensors or thermal sensors are probably the only possibility to enable such an Interior Cocoon. I will talk about the requirements, challenges and some solutions to provide an Interior Cocoon that makes self-driving cars aware of their passengers to ultimately save people's lives.

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