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Renault and gestigon work on next generation driver monitoring

Renault and gestigon have announced that they have been collaborating intensively since 2015 to provide a next generation driver monitoring system for the Renault vehicles. The cooperation is being driven by the Renault Innovation Silicon Valley Lab in Sunnyvale (CA) and intends to assess the ‘user’s readiness’ to take over driving in partially autonomous vehicles. In future Level 3 autonomous cars, it is of utmost importance that the car evaluates the driver’s awareness of the driving situation before handing the controls over. This awareness can be measured with gaze and eye tracking methodologies. But the ability of the driver to take over control should be evaluated through comprehensive assessment of driver’s postural, visual and cognitive readiness. gestigon’s state-of-the-art body tracking methodologies based on 3D depth sensor data can close this gap by providing stable and fast body tracking plus a lot of additional data about the driver and passengers in the car. Being able to detect the hand’s positions on the steering wheel and different objects that the user might use is essential to determine the hand over strategy and timing.

Pierre Delaigue, Project Manager in the Renault Silicon Valley lab, setup this collaboration: “We met gestigon in 2014 and were impressed by their ability to provide gesture control and body tracking solutions for the automotive market. After several feasibility studies with gestigon we have now developed prototypes that could be integrated in future generations of Renault vehicles.” This positive outcome is confirmed by Dennis Münster, the project leader on gestigon’s side as well as Moritz von Grotthuss, CEO of gestigon. “We very much like Renault’s passion to look ahead and work on solutions that address the next level of automotive user experience. And they are driving the development of Autonomous Driving Cars, which we believe in too.”

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