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The Recap

gestigon showed newest developments at AWE USA 2017

"Superpowers to Change the World" is the slogan for the Augmented World Expo. And gestigon successfully showed that the real feeling of superpowers doesn't emerge from a game controller, but your own hands. 

This year’s AWE USA was the 8th annual event in a row. Taking place on 31st May to 2nd June in Santa Clara, California – the event had some of the top speakers and organisations from the augmented reality and virtual reality industries. 

gestigon showed the newest developments for the headmounted setup including a VR car configurator using the HTC Vive in combination with SoftKinetic DepthSense and tactile feedback from ultrahaptics. In addition to that gestigon showed an AR concept demo for context based content interaction on Epson Moverio and Google Daydream in combination with pmd pico flexx sensor.

Also at this AWE two members of gestigon gave speech to an AR obsessed audience. Our CEO Moritz v. Grotthuss talked about "Solving the AR Interaction Dilemma" describing how to interact in AR with our hands and our Chief UX/UI Engineer Konrad Koeppe questions the "Learnings and Challenges for the Integration of Touchless Interaction into Mixed Reality Systems". See speech descriptions below.

Again it was a great opportunity for networking and seeing what others are doing in this exciting industry. The response from the community was great and we are looking forward to future projects with our partners to provide the most natural interaction possible.

We are definitely looking forward to the next AWE!


Speech descriptions

"Solving the AR Interaction Dilemma" by Moritz v. Grotthuss

Touchless interaction in VR is moving forward. With players like gestigon, Leap Motion and Sony the necessary software tools are progressing. Now, all start looking at AR ... and new challenges arise: As in AR you can see your surrounding and your hands, any tracking needs to be 110 percent accurate. But how can this work with a HMD that might be taken on and off, that will not allow a new calibration every time, where the eyes and the 3D cameras have different angles? Even at the CES none of the big players demoed a solution for this. During this session the CEO of gestigon, a market leader in touchless AR and VR interaction solutions, will elaborate on these challenges and give an inside view why even the big fish like Microsoft with their Hololense have not solved the touchless AR interaction paradigms.

"Learnings and Challenges for the Integration of Touchless Interaction into Mixed Reality Systems" by Konrad Koeppe

Can I touch this? Waving your hands in front of the headset is common behavior when people try out a head mounted display for the first time. Using your own hands without any controller is simply the most natural way of interacting in VR, AR and MR. But can interaction paradigms which work for VR simply be applied to MR? Mixed reality is different. This talk is about the current technology status, learnings from the past and challenges of the future.

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