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Software that Understands You

Software is the core element to any human machine interface: providing the bridge between evolving sensor technologies, hardware platforms, and operating systems. gestigon focuses on this software. Our solutions provide machines with a new level of understanding such as recognizing a user and anticipating their needs before they have been expressed.

Our Fields of Expertise


Mixed Reality

140 years ago, some weird engineers living close to Stuttgart in Germany believed that horses weren’t the best engines for chariots. But today’s cars are hardly comparable to the first vehicles that were build by Carl Benz, Gottlieb Daimler or – in the US - Henry Ford. Today, 200 horse powers and more, airbags, sophisticated stereo systems as well as level 3 driving assistance systems are standard. And if you look another 10 years ahead when the cars turn 150, we will have developed a totally new mobility concept with self-driving cars and sharing platforms. Combustion engines will only be found in old-timers and we will be targeting a zero-casualties traffic.

This new age of mobility will require new interfaces: Airbags and other safety systems will be ubiquitous and provide an interior cocoon independent of your activity or position in the car. We will have numerous screens, transparent LEDs, head-up displays and holograms augmenting the surfaces, the interior and the surroundings with digital content that wants to be controlled, modified and interactive in the most natural manner. And we will want to direct the car with intuitive, casual controls.

gestigon is positioning itself as global market leader to enable such new mobility concepts. Full body tracking of all passengers provides data for interior cocoon safety concepts. Gesture recognition enables casual control of any kind of digital content. And a full integration with voice, touch as well as mechanical switches will allow a customization based on your requirements beyond today’s expectations.

Artificial Intelligence

Looking into the future, we believe that cars will be more user centric. The car should understand you and allow you to interact with it just the way you communicate with your friends or family. Cars will use gestures to interpret behavior and anticipate needs and context, providing a customized experience on the familiar touch screens, enhanced with buttons, sliders and head up displays. Touchless interfaces will be enhanced by voice control, and the overall experience will include meaningful location based data. In short, your car will become your companion on the journey.

Embedded Systems

According to Moore's law, the processing power of IT systems doubles every two years. That may be true, but at the same time, computers are getting smaller and embedded in many new objects, where power consumption and cost are key constraints. This trend plays to gestigon's strengths: Our software solutions require a minimum amount of processing power – they can run on practically any embedded processor that is available. And if you don’t believe us: Check out our software running on an ARM Cortex M4 with 180MHz. Impressive. Right?

What makes gestigon special?


Fingertips, grabbing, automotive, line of sight, gaming, implicit gestures, augmented reality, CPU, full hand, consumer electronics, mobile phones, upper body, gesture control, Unity, head nodding, GPU, casual control, human behavior, soft biometrics, Open GL, swipes, pointing, IoT, remote control, upper body, waving, explicit gestures, embedded processors, laptops, Adobe Air, pinching, – pick a few. Pick any combination. 


If money doesn't matter to you – you may skip this paragraph. But if you are able to calculate the total cost of ownership of a system, or simply prefer interfaces that don't eat up your available (and costly) processing power, gestigon can possibly help you achieving your goals. Our software solutions are so efficient; you can either choose cheaper processors or you can use more of its power for applications, programs, games, or functionalities you really care about.

Patent protected

Our core algorithms are patent protected. Globally. You may not care - our lawyers do. No more to say!

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